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Cat's Morals

I strive for greatness. I have passion for what I do and pride towards my work. I carry myself with respect and hold myself accountable for any decisions that I make inside or outside of the trade. I listen and follow instructions and understand that I am not just leader, I am a server first. I understand that my work is held to the highest expectations, And Honestly is key to myself and to others.

-Catalino Cat Rodriguez

Cat's Experience

Catalino Rodriguez works through-out NYC and New Jersey, Building and remodeling homes and luxury Rental Properties. Mr Rodriguez background is Carpenters Union local 157 in NYC. Mr Rodriguez hold a Home Improvement Contractor License Which Enables him to work on a variety of Renovations within High end developments  as a License professional. Mr. Rodriguez started Empirical Business Solutions  in April 2014; He Then landed a Great opportunity with a great Property Manager,who runs Hudson Park Luxury Rentals in NYC in June 2014. Over that summer Mr.Rodriguez and his team turned over 40 units. Mr Rodriguez was approve to bid for work within NYCHA Developments and works with management companies such as SUS/Palladia, Pavilion Management, and many more. Mr. Rodriguez is also affiliated with      Home Depot Pro Referral; a Service own by Home Depot that does a background check on all Contractors that signs up to provides services. Catalino Rodriguez Is working on a new start up call Handyman 120; Which is an affordable handyman service ran by a License Professional that allows the Client to pay $120.00 to get small handy projects completed.